Starbucks to fill space in Lory Student Center in September

Hannah Ditzenberger

Students in need of an extra caffeine perk will soon have another on-campus location to make coffee pit stops.

The shop, titled “Intermissions, proudly serving Starbucks,” will open in the south side of the Lory Student Center, near the Curfman Gallery, this September.


According to Doni Luckutt, director of marketing for LSC, Intermissions will serve classic Starbucks drinks like frappuccinos, as well as their seasonal drinks.

“It is really important for us to listen to our customers,” Luckutt said. “Students have been asking for this for a while.”

Freshman biology major Allyson Enger said she is excited for the new option. She said she thinks the shop will help mitigate lines at other campus coffee shops.

“Starbucks is familiar for people,” Enger said. “It’s easy because you recognize the name and you know all of the drinks already.”

Summer Yagley, a sophomore civil engineering major, described the decision as “mainstream.”

“I feel like this isn’t really necessary at all,” Yagley said. “Starbucks seems like such an obvious choice, but there are so many other, better coffee shops in town that we could partner with.”

According to Luckutt, the LSC is a place for students. Described as the “living room” of campus, the LSC provides career opportunities for students, Luckutt said.

“Students working at this branch will get a chance to learn how a franchise corporation runs,” Luckutt said.

Yagley said she believes students would be better served by a community-supported organization.

“Whether you’re an employee or a costumer, a franchise doesn’t give students any value,” Yagley said. “It’s much better to be able to know the owners personally.”


Spencer Ford, a construction management senior, said he believes the branch will harm coffee shops around campus.

“I think they are definitely going to suffer if Starbucks comes,” Ford said. “Big companies definitely hurt the little guys. If they weren’t allowed on campus, it would probably be better for the local companies.”

Ford said he will prioritize convenience when choosing coffee.

“I’m sure some people will enjoy it,” Ford said. “I’ll get it if it’s on my way to class, but coffee is coffee to me. I don’t need any fluff.”

Collegian Entertainment Editor Hannah Ditzenberger can be reached at or on Twitter at @h_ditzenberger