Stadium construction causes road, parking lot closures

Sady Swanson

(Collegian File Photo)
(Collegian File Photo)

Parking has fallen victim to the on-campus stadium construction over the summer.

Many of the lots around Lake Street and Pitkin Street are closed or have reduced parking, including the large student commuter lot on Pitkin Street.


According to an article on SOURCE, Meridian Avenue is closed between Lake Street and Pitkin Street, as well as lots 505 and 515. The spaces in lot 240 have been reduced, but 250 spots still remain open.

A map from SOURCE shows where lots are closed and which places are best for commuters to find parking. The map indicates that Lake Street, Prospect Road and College Avenue are best for driving, and that the best parking is found on the east side of campus.

Junior environmental engineering student Emilie Abbott said when she commuted to campus for work this summer she had trouble parking in the Z lot on Pitkin Street.

“I used to park in the Z lot along Pitkin, and I could use Meridian to exit campus on Lake Street in order to turn left on Shields,” Abbott said. “Cannot do that anymore, so I found myself going north on Shields and turning around in the Moby lot in order to go south on Shields. Kind of a pain.”

Junior equine science student Melissa Matthews said she ran into traffic on Shields Street when commuting to campus that she attributes to the stadium construction. She also said she found it hard to find spots in Z lots, or commuter lots, because “there are very few commuter parking lots.”

“When school starts it is going to take forever to get to any of the parking lots and then be nearly impossible to find parking because there are very few spots,” Matthews said.

Abbott said that the construction is pretty biker friendly and, even when Pitkin was occasionally closed, bikes were let through as much as possible.

Commuters are recommended to park in the lot near Moby Arena, lot 195, or in the Lake Street Garage. Students, faculty and staff are also encouraged to use alternative transportation in the article.

A new parking lot near the Veterinary Teaching Hospital opened earlier in August and will provide 900 additional spots. Transfort will also service that lot to take parkers to main campus every 15 minutes.

Parking lot 575 near South College Avenue closed earlier this month to begin construction on a new parking garage, according to SOURCE. The lot closure impacts 275 parking spaces, but the new four-story garage, which is expected to be finished in about a year, will add 650 parking spaces.


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