CSU joins Sustainability Research Network

Luke Scriffiny

A $12 million Sustainability Research Network award from the National Science Foundation that focuses on creating sustainable, efficient cities will now include a team of researchers from Colorado State University.

Energy grids, highways and transportation networks are the focus of this network, and data from the City of Fort Collins will be included in the CSU team’s research. The full coalition includes nine universities, several infrastructure firms and policy groups from around the globe.


The CSU team leader, Daniel Zimmerle, a senior research associate at the CSU Energy Institute, has provided research experience to Fort ZED, the net-zero energy district in Fort Collins. Fort ZED focuses on increasing renewable energy production, energy efficiency, managing energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The CSU team will be working with the City of Fort Collins and industry partners such as Ecolab and Xcel Energy.

The network of university and research groups will be focusing on the health and livability of cities through tracking methods of water, energy and carbon footprints. The network will be designing new policy and technology scenarios for a diverse range of cities with varying needs.

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