Top running routes on CSU campus

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Running on campus can be a great way to stay in shape. However, it’s not always easy to find good routes to follow. Here are some of the Collegian‘s top running routes around Colorado State University’s campus.

For convenience, all of the routes start and finish just outside the entrance to the Rec Center.


The intramural loop

Distance: 1.15 miles

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This short loop follows a path around the intramural fields on the west side of campus, passing by the baseball diamonds and several of the residence halls. A nice simple route to follow as a cool-down after a day at the gym, this loop has a nice mile-long distance to build longer runs off of.

Around the Oval

Distance: 1.74 miles

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This route heads down University Avenue through the Plaza before heading north and taking a loop around the Oval. Beautiful no matter what the time of year, the Oval is one of the more noteworthy stops on campus. The route finishes off by taking the long way around the lagoon, another scenic view at CSU.  A nice route with some good scenery, this path can be filled with pedestrian traffic on nicer days during the school year.

Trip to the University Center for the Arts

Distance: 2.36 miles

(Photo illustration: Chapman Croskell)

This path heads down University Avenue before heading southeast past Braiden Hall and the statue near the science buildings. The loop finds its way through the trial gardens, and reaches the UCA around the one-mile mark. The route then loops back and passes the track, the Oval and the lagoon before ending. A route with plenty of interesting stops along the way, this route is perfect for those who like to visit points of interest on their runs.

City Park path

Distance: 3.2 miles

(Photo illustration: Chapman Croskell)

Although not strictly on campus, this route takes Shields and Mulberry Streets northwest to City Park, and follows a path around the pond. A popular trail, City Park is a great place to stop, take a breather and enjoy the scenery. The length of this route makes it perfect for training for a 5K, but runners need to be careful crossing the two streets on the loop.

The long way ’round

Distance: 4.23 miles

(Photo illustration: Chapman Croskell)

Popular for its nearly five-mile length, this path follows the streets surrounding campus. Although lacking in scenery, this route is a good option for anyone looking for more of a challenge. The loop does pass by the trial gardens, as well as giving runners a chance to see all of campus from the outside.


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