Fort Collins featured in Smithsonian Exhibit

Chapman W.

Fort Collins is being featured in a new exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

The exhibit, “Places of Invention,” showcases inventions from locations such as New York, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. The exhibit opened July 1, and is being held in the National Museum of American History.


The Fort Collins section of the exhibit features clean energy inventions from the city, as well as many of Colorado State University’s collaborations. These inventions include more efficient batteries, emission-reducing car superchargers and “smart grid” technology. Also included in this collection are creations by several CSU professors.

Mechanical engineering professor Bryan Willson and chemistry professor Amy Prieto are two of six individuals featured in the Fort Collins exhibit, and many of the others are CSU graduates or have ties to the university.

The exhibit will be open until at least 2020, according to SOURCE, and a documentary about the exhibit will be featured at the University Center for the Arts September 19.

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