On-campus stadium construction receives more backlash

Rachel Musselmann

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article misidentified Tanya Pappa as Andi Didericksen. The Collegian regrets its error. 

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Photos by Rick Cookson.

Construction of the new campus stadium is underway, but concerned students and community members are still rallying against it.

A group of about 10 Colorado State University students and one Fort Collins resident gathered on campus Monday afternoon to protest the laying of construction fence on campus. The protest took place on campus in front of the construction site near the W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center.

“We’re out here representing the faculty members and students that feel like they have no voice,” said Tanya Pappa, a junior national resourse, recreation and tourism major and the protest organizer.

Pappa and her fellow protesters alternated between chanting at passing cars through a megaphone and sitting on the last boulder remaining on the building site.

The protest was spontaneously thrown together when she was made aware that some form of construction would begin Monday morning, Pappa said.

“We aren’t very well organized this time, but we can be a physical barrier to the construction,” Pappa said. “Maybe as people see the building progress, more people will join.”

Pappa said she hopes to have protesters on the site 24 hours a day in an attempt to slow down construction.

A CSU Facilities Management member on site, who wishes to remain anonymous, said construction workers had an altercation with the protesters earlier in the day when the students attempted to remove street barriers.

“We will continue to work around them to get the fence up,” the facilities management member said. “CSUPD is also ready to take whatever action necessary.”


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