CSU Board of Governors approves 2015-16 budget and tuition increases

Skyler Leonard

The Colorado State University Board of Governors approved CSU’s proposed tuition increases for the 2015-16 fiscal year Thursday. With the approved increases, per semester, a current resident undergraduate will pay $433 more in tuition costs, and a non-resident undergraduate can expect an increase of $962.

In total, all proposed tuition increases amount to $20.8 million in new revenue. An additional allocation of over $10.8 million in funds from the State, and some overhead money from facilities and administrations, means that CSU has $32 million in new resources to spend in their operating budget totaling over $1.05 billion.


The new resources will, in part, provide funding for new expenses, including $9 million in salary and benefit increases for faculty, $4.4 million in other mandatory costs related to new facilities and debt services and $4.7 million for new costs in financial aid, tuition and health benefits.

The rest of the $32 million in new revenue would be spent on $14 million worth of “quality enhancements,” which includes spending on academics and infrastructure dependent on department needs.  Over $8 million under “quality enhancements” is left discretionary. The rest of the money is directed through funding programs.

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