Suspicious activity north of campus, according to Public Safety Team

Christina Vessa

Two incidents of suspicious activity occurred north of campus Monday, according to an email from the Public Safety Team.

A male seen on the roof of a house appeared to be peeping into the window of a female using a computer. The second incident reported that a female woke up to a male standing in her bedroom by the bed. The male did not touch the female, according to the email.


The suspect is described as a 20-year-old blond male with scruffy facial hair, wearing a black hooded jacked and khaki pants.

The Public Safety Team advises that basic safety tips be kept in mind. These tips include locking doors and windows, reporting suspicious activity to 911 or CSUPD and taking action when something does not feel right.

SafeWalk provides an escort from one point to another on campus, or from campus to a nearby location. SafeWalk can be reached at 970-491-1155.

RamRide provides safe, non-judgmental free rides home anywhere within city limits Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 10 p.m. RamRide can be reached at 970-491-3333.

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