RamRide financial audit completed, no fiscal mismanagement found

Emily Vavra

No financial mismanagement was found in the RamRide budget following a fiscal audit administered by the CSU General Council.

During the Student Fee Review Board meeting Monday, ASCSU Vice President Lance Li Puma read a statement from the General Council. After interviewing key personnel and reviewing budget documents, the auditor was unable to find any unlawful transactions or events in the RamRide budget.


According to the statement, Halden Schnal, the student initially presenting allegations against RamRide, refused to meet with the auditors despite their requests. Based on the results, the auditors are not recommending any further review of RamRide.

SFRB then voted to officially move RamRide out of ASCSU into its own account that will be administered by Off-Campus Life. While Off-Campus Life administers the account, all funds will be used for RamRide.

They also approved a fee increase for RamRide that would raise student fees by 30 cents.

ASCSU will still be connected to RamRide by their participation in the RamRide Advisory Council, and SFRB will have complete control fically, according to Li Puma.

Since the creation of the Memorandum of Understanding, Off-Campus Life has overseen the operations of RamRide. According to Off-Campus Life Director Jeannie Ortega, the office has been able to provide support and structure to RamRide as it continues to grow.

“We came together and spoke and developed a shared vision and shared roles over these two years with both ASCSU and Off-Campus Life,” Ortega said. “Our goal here was to provide administrative support.”

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