Grocery shopping goes green with ASCSU for earth week

Dallas Head

Reduce, recycle and use reusable bags for Earth Day.

“I think the students are on board with it,” said Sam Block, director of environmental affairs at Associated Students of Colorado State University. “We want them to see that just doing little things can make a difference in the long run.”


ASCSU is teaching students about green grocery shopping by handing out reusable bags outside of King Soopers at the corner of West Elizabeth Street and Taft Hill Road April 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

BYOB, or Bring Your Own Bag, is their angle. Impacting students directly at the grocery store is a way to spread the ideas rather than just handing out bags on campus.

“It’s a good way to get people to remember their bags now,” Block said.

ASCSU hopes to reach more than just Fort Collins natives.

“CSU is a very green (university) and it has a lot of green people living here,” said Dakota Truitt, deputy director of environmental affairs for ASCSU. “We also want to reach the people from out of state and the country and teach them what they can do to impact their environment in a better way.”

It won’t just be reusable bags for students. Inside the bags will be pamphlets on how to stay green and shop in a more green-focused way.

“The information will be about buying in season food to cut down on cost for the student, and to cut emissions from shipping,” Truitt said. “Starting the social change is ultimately the biggest goal.”

The Sustainability Center, located in Johnson Hall, is supportive of BYOB.

“Hopefully this could turn it into a habit for people and show them how easy it is,” said Jacob Kimiecik, the director of the Student Sustainability Center.

With social change being the biggest goal, ASCSU hopes to continue this outreach to students for years to come.


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