CSU Parking Services offers carpool parking passes for students

Danielle Jauregui

While many people are in the midst of signing leases for the fall, transportation to and from campus is a large concern. Colorado State University students stressing over whether or not they should buy a parking pass in the fall have the option to save some money and gas.

Students can pay for a carpool parking pass, splitting the cost of the one pass between as many people as they wish. As long as only one of the cars registered for the pass is on campus, students can carpool to class with friends.


Alternative Transportation Manager for CSU Parking Services Aaron Fodge believes that this option is not utilized enough.

“What we’re finding is that a lot of students don’t sign up for the carpool permit and end up buying two permits, and then they carpool together anyway,” Fodge said. “By carpooling, you are helping the University. You are helping preserve parking spaces for those who need it.”

Carpooling is more cost effective and sustainable, something that CSU strives to achieve.

“I think that would be a good idea because it would encourage roommates to carpool together and would allow them to split the costs of the parking pass,” said CSU senior Connor O’Toole. “It would be a good incentive to save the environment through saving money.”

This option may also be useful for students who normally do not drive to class.

CSU sophomore Autumn Gardner would not spend money on a parking pass for herself due to how little she drives to school, but would consider a carpool pass for those few occasions she would need to park.

“Most of the time I walk to campus, but whenever the weather is bad, I drive,” Gardner said. “I park in the Pay to Park zones, which can get expensive. I could see the benefits of a carpool pass so that I can split the cost with my roommates and just drive together because we won’t all need our cars on campus.”

To sign up for a carpool parking pass, students can visit the CSU Parking Services office.

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