Bring Your Own Cup Day

Nathan Zafuto

Save some green and be green.BYOC

“Bring Your Own Cup Day,” part of Earth Week, will take place April 24. Students will be encouraged to bring their own reusable cups to Morgan’s Grind, Sweet Sinsations and Sweet Temptations around campus to receive a discount of 10 cents on their drinks.


“Students can save money with a 10 cents discount when they use a reusable cup,” said Dakota Truitt, ASCSU deputy director of environmental affairs. “At ASCSU, we are actually working on getting the discount up to 25 cents in the future.”

From 8:30 – 10:30 a.m., students can also receive a free reusable mug at Morgan’s Grind, which “pays for itself” in environmental costs after four uses, according to Truitt.

“Our main goal is to encourage the use of personal cups, since it reduces waste,” Truitt said. “We want to educate students about proper waste disposal. A lot of coffee products that people think are recyclable actually aren’t.”

Coffee cups are costing CSU time and money by forcing the University to throw out full bins of recyclables because of the contamination.

“One-time use cups are the number one contaminate in recycle bins,” said Sam Block, ASCSU director of environmental affairs.

Making the one-time use cups is expensive, and the costs of the recycling are intensive on the University.

“Cutting down on those costs would be big for the University,” said Chanin’Jo Tilakamonkul, Facilities Management sustainability intern. “Hopefully we’ll see Sweet Sinsations selling their own reusable coffee mugs within the next month or so to help reduce waste and costs.”

Tilakamonkul said that sustainability is important for this generation.

“We are the leaders in sustainability and we can’t get stagnant,” Tilakamonkul said. “We need to be innovators and leaders.”

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