ASCSU College of Agriculture senate race

Sady Swanson

In the Associated Students of Colorado State University College of Agriculture senate race, three students are running for two positions. Voting begins April 6 and goes until April 8 on Ramweb. Students can also vote in polling stations located in the Lory Student Center or the Morgan Library. The goals of these candidates include opening up communication between ASCSU and the students, increasing student safety on campus and fostering relationships with the students.

Ashley Higgins


Ashley Higgins, sophomore political science and agricultural literacy student, said she has been involved in senate for about a semester and a half as an associate senator.

Higgins said she is passionate about politics, and loves working in senate because she gets to serve her fellow college students.

“Being able to foster those relationships and getting student opinion has been super important to me, and is something that has really driven me to continue to want to be in senate,” Higgins said.

Higgins said she has loved being involved with the Inclusive Excellence Committee, which focuses on fostering diversity in senate.

“The whole goal (of the committee) is to bring back individuals who represent all the different multicultural offices on campus,” Higgins said.

Higgins said she also wants ASCSU to be more known on campus by sharing more information, especially when it comes to student fees.

Higgins said she has been a Colorado State FFA officer, and is involved in many different campus organizations.

Adrian Bailey

Adrian Bailey, senior environmental horticulture student, said she wants to bring a different perspective to senate and loves to talk with students.

Bailey said she wants to help mitigate safety concerns students have around parking and construction on campus.


“I agree there needs to be more lighting in that area (by the Eddy building construction,)” Bailey said.

Bailey said she also wants to increase lighting near the track where there are a few Z-lots.

Bailey said she would also like to work with administration to make any parking changes that come with the new stadium safe for students.

“A lot of the concerns with an exterior parking lot are the safety,” Bailey said. “I want to promote those kind of things like, lighting, shrubs, because, scientifically it just seems more safe.”

Bailey said she has been to senate meetings before, and wants to become a senator to have a more active role.

Bailey said she wants students to contact her via email if they have any questions or concerns. Her email is

Jonathan Kuhlman

Jonathan Kuhlman, junior soil and crop sciences student, said he wanted to run because when he wanted to be a part of ASCSU earlier this year, he could not find his senators.

Kuhlman became an associate senator, and said he wants to become more involved as a senator, and increase transparency and communication within the College of Agriculture and ASCSU.

“I think the people being represented right now is a small group, so I want to open that up,” Kuhlman said.

Kuhlman said that, after talking with Fraternity and Sorority Life and other groups within the college, he would help them do something they want to get done together. But the important thing is to establish that line of communication first.

“CSU is known for being a college of agriculture through history,” Kuhlman said. “I don’t see a large representation of agriculture (on campus).”

Kuhlman said he is a military veteran and served in the Air Force. He was president on the Airman’s Council and, after he became a sergeant, served on the Sergeant Association, which is similar to ASCSU in how he took what the airmen wanted to get done and brought it to the council.

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