Intergovernmental agreement nearing completion, group plans to protest new stadium

Christina Vessa

The intergovernmental agreement between Colorado State University and the City of Fort Collins will be considered at the City Council meeting Tuesday at 5 p.m. The IGA will mitigate potential effects of the stadium construction just north of Prospect Road, according to a press release.

Stop the Stadium, an informal organization of Fort Collins residents and members of the CSU community, are endorsing mayoral candidate Ward Luthi, who is opposed to the new stadium. The group is also endorsing Carl Wangsvick, Kristin Stephens and Nancy Tellez for city council, according to group member Sandy Lemberg.


The group plans to hold a rally protesting construction of the stadium before the city council meeting Tuesday. A protest was held Friday at the Oval with over 50 members of the CSU and Fort Collins community in attendance.

Mayoral candidate Luthi said an environmental disaster will come from construction of the new stadium, according to a press release.

“I’m opposed to the idea that you and I, city taxpayers, are expected to pony up millions of infrastructure dollars for this doomed idea,” Luthi wrote in the press release.

Staff from the University and the city will present the IGA, which proposes improvements to transportation and game-day management once the stadium is built. Public comment will be accepted at the meeting.

Construction is scheduled to begin summer 2015, with the first games to be played in fall of 2017. The new stadium will be located on the corner of Pitkin Drive and Whitcomb Street.

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