Beth Walker proud to be first female dean of the College of Business

Ellie Mulder

Recently-appointed Dean of the College of Business Beth Walker will be the first female dean in the College’s history — a placement she believes will be both important and influential.

“I’m especially proud of being the first female dean for the College of Business,” Walker said. “Assuming a leadership role like this at a university says a wonderful thing to all students — male and female — about the leadership opportunities that exist for women as well as for men. So I hope to serve as a role model for all students.”


(Photo credits: Source)
(Photo credits: Source)

Walker is moving from Arizona to Fort Collins to accept her new position, and she said she admires Colorado State University for both its location and its reputation.

“The area, of course, is simply breathtaking,” Walker said. “The campus itself is truly beautiful, and there’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere in the town and at the University.”

As dean of the College of Business, the largest undergraduate degree program on campus, Walker hopes to harness the already-effective aspects of CSU’s business program to extend its reach and make it a better place for students and faculty.

She said her priorities include increasing the department’s visibility and reputation, developing new programs that will attract both students and donors and working with other colleges to create inter-disciplinary programs.

“I would like to emphasize initiatives that further leverage the distinctive advantages of the College of Business,” Walker said. “The college features a world-class faculty who are committed to teaching as well as producing research that matters. They have superb strength in delivering online education, and they have a distinctive commitment to developing socially-responsible global leaders.”

Walker is currently the chair of the marketing department at Arizona State University, where she has worked since 1988 after receiving a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s and Ph.D from Pennsylvania State.

Walker was hired after current Dean of the College of Business Ajay Menon announced his intention to step down as dean at the end of this semester.

“Her very strong commitment to student learning is consistent with the priorities we hold sacred within our College and University,” Menon wrote in an email to the Collegian. “The University will enjoy her collaborative style and her strong focus on innovation and excellence in academic programming.”

Menon said he is excited for Walker to succeed him as dean, a job that requires “an unrelenting and unwavering focus on student learning, academic excellence and student success.”

Rick Miranda, CSU provost and executive vice president, also said that he is excited for Walker to join the faculty at CSU.


“She comes to us with very impressive credentials, and faculty, staff and students are looking forward to working with her in moving the college ahead,” Miranda stated in a release.

Although she has worked in university administration for nearly 20 years, Walker has continued to teach and said she values working directly with students.

“Students are the lifeblood of the university, and students truly inspire me,” Walker said. “Everything that we do at a university is about delivering value to the students, and so I really look forward to engaging with the students and getting their ideas and working on projects that are important to them.”

Walker will begin her role as dean of the College of Business July 1.

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