CSU archery club draws students of all skill levels

Since her arrival in Colorado, Blaise Newman, a sophomore at Colorado State University, has been searching for the perfect setting to shoot archery.

In spring 2014, Newman and Rachel Funke, a sophomore at CSU studying ecosystem science and sustainability, founded the Archery Club, hoping to create a fun environment for CSU students to practice shooting.


“Since I’m originally from Oklahoma, one of the only ways I could see of being able to continue (shooting) was starting up a group,” Newman said. “I was really blessed to be able to shoot my entire life, and so I wanted other people to be able to have that experience that I love and enjoy.”

Archery club President Blaise Newman aims for a bull's-eye at an outdoor archery range.
Archery club President Blaise Newman aims for a bullseye at an outdoor archery range. (Photo credit: Maria Nateras)

Anyone is welcome to join the club, and it is open to all levels of experience. Newman said she intends to show beginners the basics, and help the more experienced practice their skills.

Julie Mann, a sophomore liberal arts major at CSU, has been a member of the club since it started.

“Everybody should come because you don’t have to be good to come,” Mann said. “People come and learn every single week. It’s so awesome.”

There are meetings every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at Rocky Mountain Archery.

The club does not collect dues, but each meeting includes a range fee of $12. This pays for equipment rental.

“It’s not really that much of an active sport, but more of focusing,” said Luis Monterrosa, club member and freshman at CSU. “It’s a good stress reliever since you have to be pretty calm to do this. You can’t be really agitated, so it helps me lose a lot of stress with classes.”

Currently, the club is recreational, but Newman said she hopes to share the excitement of competition with her team.

“I would love for it to continue being a recreational club,” Newman said. “But I also have this little side where I want it to go into a sport club and be able to compete. Having other people be able to compete and understand how fun it is, and how adrenaline-racing it can be would be amazing.”

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