Colorado State students launch Colorado’s first-ever sales club

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Founders of the new sales club Vice President Marshall Kortmeyer, President Braxton Norwood and Treasurer Seth Rizzo successfully held their first meeting in Rockwell West. (Photo Credit: Jillian Keller)

Sleazy, suit-clad businessmen who pressure reluctant consumers might be the image some people have of salespeople.

However, senior communications major, TurfToes co-owner and Colorado State University Sales Club President Braxton Norwood is hoping to dispel that image with Colorado’s first-ever university sales club.


“When people think of sales, they think of dirty, slimy people who try to convince you to do things that you don’t want to do,” Norwood said. “We’re not trying to do that at all.”

Beginning last month, the club meets every other Wednesday in Rockwell West 222 at 6:00 p.m. to discuss sales and communication topics like proper dress, verbal and nonverbal communication, how to close and why selling is important. Their next meeting is Feb. 18.

“We’re doing this because we want people to understand that everything you do in life, even getting your friend to go out with you, that’s considered selling,” Norwood said.

CSU Sales Club Vice President Marshall Kortmeyer, a senior communications major, believes this group is not just for people who want to work in sales.

“Even if you don’t go into sales, you use sales to basically do anything. So why not just acquire another skill?” Kortmeyer said. “Even if you don’t come away from it with a sales job, you can think about something in a different way.”

Hoping to bring in local presenters with sales expertise, their inaugural meeting featured Targeted Tactics, LLC owner and “Business Alchemy: Turning Ideas into Gold” author Bill Cobb.

Future presenters include New Belgium Sales Project Manager Matthew Furlong and Jenn Long, the manager of Career Counseling at the CSU College of Business Career Management Center.

“For students who are interested in or passionate about sales, joining the CSU Sales Club could be a great way to learn more, get connected, identify career opportunities and build your resume,” Long said.

To that end, Norwood and Kortmeyer will also develop a weekly newsletter containing information about sales positions. Moreover, the pair plans to “gradually develop” a library of sales and communications texts for members to study.

“It’ll be a great resource for people wanting to expand their knowledge of sales and communication,” Kortmeyer said.


Prospective members can get in contact and join at any time through their Facebook and RamLink pages.

“There’s no dues, no prerequisite, no required major,” Norwood said. “Anybody can join whenever they want.”

Collegian Business and Technology Beat Reporter Nicholas LeVack can be reached at or on Twitter @NicholasLeVack.