The Collegian’s top 25 most read stories of 2014

Keegan Williams

2014 featured a variety of stories regarding Colorado State University and the Fort Collins community, and the Collegian was there for all of it. From riots to resignations to the Westboro Baptist Church, it’s safe to say that this was an eventful year for the Ram community. Here are the Collegian‘s top 25 most read stories of 2014.

1. CSU attorney’s letter of protest, resignation


2. CSU students and neighbors react to Saturday riot near campus

3. Five Valentine’s Day gifts to get your man

4. Five myths about Facebook’s new messenger app

5. Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at CSU graduation

6. Letter to the Editor: An apology on behalf of CSU’s Christian community

7. The Maze Runner: Book vs. movie

8. Colorado State students to receive free Microsoft Office

9. Digital dating: a week with Kik, Tinder and OkCupid

10. Missing Flight 370′s Best (and most bizzare) Conspiracy Theories

11. College athletes should not get paid


12. American Horror Story season finale

13. Attorney says ASCSU broke the law, Colorado State officials disagree

14. Students model nude for art at CSU

15. Badhesha Campaign for ASCSU president suspended 32 hours, fined $535

16. Rumor of ‘Purge’ in Colorado names Fort Collins as location

17. The Book Ranch doesn’t sell books

18. Film Review: Keanu Reeves is back as “John Wick”

19. Bad college eating habits can have long-term effects

20. Larimer County Clerk removes Collegian from several LSC racks

21. ASCSU impeaches senator in closed-door meeting

22. Game review: Titanfall

23. Numerous patrons accuse Rec Room in Fort Collins of racial profiling

24. The importance of international relations

25. Colorado State guard Jon Octeus granted release, will transfer for final year of eligibility

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