RamRide app to be released this semester

Emily Vavra

Have you ever made a call to RamRide, only to realize you have no idea where you are? Soon, that will not be an issue.

RamRide is planning to release an app this semester that uses GPS in cell phones to determine users’ location. It will also allow users to enter their own information to ensure accuracy.


“I think it will be really great when we release it,” said RamRide Executive Director Sara Williams. “It should save people a lot of time.”

Students using the app can request rides and receive notifications when their ride is arriving. By working with the current dispatch system, the app will automatically assign vehicles for pickup and reduce wait times.

“I think people will be much happier with the app because it will get the address and amount of people correct,” said Kathy Wanke, Colorado State University sophomore and RamRide volunteer.

Instead of contacting the dispatch center, locations will be sent directly to the tablets in the vehicles. This will take stress away from dispatch volunteers and allow more volunteers to drive. More drivers means an even shorter wait time for rides.

“It’s going to help us be more in contact with students using the app,” Williams said.

One of the most frustrating parts of volunteering is when people decide to get a different ride home after calling RamRide, according to Wanke. The app would make it easier to cancel rides, further reducing wait time.

“I think an app for RamRide is a great idea,” said CSU sophomore Ben Baranovsky. “It’s definitely something I would use as long as it’s designed well and works as advertised.”

Although it is not quite ready for release, the app will improve service to CSU students.

“It will, in the end, allow us to be more efficient and give more rides,” Williams said.

RamRide is currently working to make improvements to the app, and will release it early this semester. It will be available for both iPhone and Android products.


In the mean time, students can continue to contact the RamRide dispatch center for a safe ride home and can look for an official announcement that the app is available for download.

Collegian Reporter Emily Vavra can be reached at news@collegian.com or on Twitter at @vivalavavra.