Review: Drunk Mode app released at CSU

Haleigh McGill

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The recent beta release of the app Drunk Mode allows of-age Colorado State University students to “remember the night they’d rather not forget.”


Screenshot (Photo credit: Drunk Mode)
Screenshot (Photo credit: Drunk Mode)

I used the Drunk Mode app last weekend to test its usability and functionality, and I was not disappointed.

Creating your account is quick and simple, and there is a short tutorial that introduces the user to each part of Drunk Mode. While the app may come off as an excuse to party hard since the user is not as responsible for remembering the night, the app doesn’t actually impart that mentality.

It is a really useful way to keep the social part of your night out organized, and keeps you from making that mistake of calling your ex or your best frenemy while you are drunk.

Drunk Mode allows you to track where you have been during a night out using a function called “breadcrumbs,” to find the friends you got separated from using GPS, to share your location with others using the app to meet up at the same party, and users can set a list of contacts to block to prevent drunken phone calls while Drunk Mode is turned on.

Drunk Mode friends can be found through your Facebook (the app will not post on your behalf) or by searching your contacts.

Users can set a time frame upon activating Drunk Mode for three, six, nine or 12 hours. During this time, users cannot call those who have been added to the block list. All other functions, such as breadcrumbs, location sharing and GPS tracking can be accessed whether Drunk Mode is active or turned off.

In order to turn Drunk Mode off before the predetermined time is up, users are presented with a “Drunk Quiz” where they must solve a basic math equation.

On the weekends, the app will show random notifications such as “Shots! Shots! Shots! Pause! *turns on drunk mode*” to serve as an entertaining but useful reminder to turn on Drunk Mode and ensure that your smartphone forgets nothing about your night just in case you do.

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