RamCT changes to Canvas Learning System

Josephine Bush

Spring semester RamCT will slowly be replaced by Canvas, a cloud-based learning system that over 800 universities and colleges also have in place.

Currently, 45 professors are piloting the system. RamCT may still be part of daily use for students until 2016.


According to a press release, Canvas is much more user friendly and has many tools that students and teachers can use. For instance, students will be able to collaborate with other peers in their class for group projects by simply using Canvas.

Canvas also offers the ability to share information to the class easily, provides speed-grading opportunities that instructors can use and comment on assignments directly online and also has a graphing analytics that is available to professors so they can understand trends in their classes.

It is a learning system that allows for media to be recorded directly on the site and can be accessed easily via applications on phones. The website will send students notifications via text, email and or Facebook when assignments have been graded.

For more information and tutorials on how to begin using Canvas students are encouraged to visit the website and can also set up a time in the Morgan Library or contact the I.T Technical Support Helpdesk. 

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