Larimer County Humane Society hosts “Whisker Wonderland” adoption event

Jessie Trudell

Kendall Kimbrough, freshman psychology and criminal justice student at Colorado State University, interacts with a shelter dog at Larimer County Humane Society’s “Whisker Wonderland” adoption event.

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and Larimer County Humane Society employees know that pets are no exception.

“This year, we’re really trying to encourage people to adopt rather than shop,” said Derek Brown, Larimer County Humane Society marketing manager.


Saturday’s event, “Whisker Wonderland,” succeeded in doing exactly that. The event featured cats, dogs, rabbits and various gerbils all up for adoption. The occasion also featured a wheel that new pet owners could spin, awarding them adoption discounts such as $10 or $20 off, ½ off, free adoption or name-your-price adoption.

“We saw the ad for the event online and now we’re here getting ready to finish the paperwork and take [our dogs] home,” said Jon Rogers of Colorado Springs, with wife Sandy Jorgenson. “We drove 2 ½ hours to get here,” said Rogers.

Others seek to help animals in need by volunteering at Larimer County Humane Society. Volunteers help with adoption events such as “Whisker Wonderland,” general care and enrichment for the animals, and teaching the community about the center through humane education presentations.

“I love matching up people to the animals. It’s fun to watch the kids come in and interview the dogs and cats,” said volunteer Cheryl Anderson.

The Larimer County Nov. 4 ballot featured Ballot Issue 200, which implemented a small tax to provide funds for the construction of a new animal shelter within the county. Brown expressed excitement at the endless list of benefits for both animals and community members made possible by the passing of Issue 200.

Jon Rogers and Sandy Jorgenson of Colorado Springs welcome Chiquita and Laika into their family at the Larimer County Humane Society "Whisker Wonderland" event, Dec. 3.
Jon Rogers and Sandy Jorgenson of Colorado Springs happily welcome Chiquita and Laika into their family at the Larimer County Humane Society “Whisker Wonderland” event, Dec. 3.

“The new facility will be better for events like these and it won’t be so hectic in general,” said Brown. “It’s crowded for everyone, animals included, and the new facility will help us get more animals the homes they deserve.”

Two white toy poodles were included in the category of recently adopted after “Whisker Wonderland.” Chiquita, 6-year-old mother pup, and Laika, 3-year-old daughter pup were taken into the loving arms of new owners Rogers and Jorgenson on Dec. 13.

“We have a Yorkie already, but when we met [the two poodles] we knew we had to take them home,” said Jorgenson. “I was worried someone was going to adopt them this morning before we got here, but I thought – hey, if it’s meant to be, they’ll still be there.”

Brown, emanating passion for these animals and their futures, smiled as a young family played with and petted their new furry family member.

“That’s my favorite part,” said Brown. “Seeing the adopters’ faces when a new pet realizes they have a family.”


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