Hidden locations at Colorado State University

Zara DeGroot

The haunted third level of Johnson Hall is used mainly for storage. (Photo credit: Abbie Parr)
The haunted third level of Johnson Hall is used mainly for storage. (Photo credit: Abbie Parr)

Colorado State University’s campus is sprawling and well traveled by students. Despite being perused daily, there are spots on campus that remain unknown even to seniors and those who have been here for years. From haunted buildings to little ponds, there parts of Colorado State that are yet to be explored.

Johnson Hall

Johnson Hall is reportedly haunted, and the building looks as if it adheres to just that. According to a recent Source article, Eugene Groves, the architect, was put into an insane asylum after his plot of murdering his wife and burying her under the building was discovered by authorities.


There have been reports of staff members hearing a woman singing and dancing when no one else was in the building. The ghost is thought to be a CSU dance student from the mid 1900s.

If you ask an employee about the haunted building, they will direct you to the third floor, a storage area which can only be accessed with a passcode. It is in here that staff members have felt like the wind was knocked out of them.

The pond in the Warner College of Natural Resources

Many do not know about the pond in the Natural Resources Building. It is a pretty nifty addition and a perfect fit to the already earthy building. The running water and foliage makes for a serene learning environment.

Lounges in the Lory Student Center

A multitude of lounges and study nooks are in the Lory Student Center. The building is so huge that a wedding could take place in there and no one would know. There are a handful of unknown meeting rooms on the third floor. If you are in need of a quiet, non disturbing area to study or get away from the campus hustle and bustle, the many lounge spots in the LSC are your remedy.

BSB study nooks

Like the LSC, the Behavioral Science Building offers numerous spots to plop down and study in tranquility. People usually stay on the first floor of the BSB by the windows, but little do they know that the second and third floors offer a good view of students coming and leaving from Yates. It also offers a relaxing and quiet workplace.

Visual Arts Building galleries

The Visual Arts Building does not just serve the art student community. There are art galleries scattered throughout the building where artwork is exhibited, usually students’ work, but sometimes outside artists. If you are ever in the Visual Arts Building with a few extra minutes to spare, immerse yourself in the underrated talent that lies in the unknown galleries.

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