UPDATE: Impeached senator seeks ACLU legal counsel

Jonathan Matheny

Former Sen. Kwon Yearby sent an email Friday morning seeking legal counsel from the Colorado American Civil Liberties Union.

In the email to ACLU, Yearby cited a violation of the Colorado Sunshine Law and his Sixth Amendment right to due process by ASCSU in his impeachment hearing Wednesday.


“From my understanding, executive session cannot be used in the firing of personnel or the removal of a public official,” Yearby wrote in the email. “I was [a public official] because I was a Senator representing 750 students specifically and the entire undeclared population of about 3,000 students.”

Yearby asked the ACLU for an opinion on the matter. Yearby said that an attorney has already said that in his opinion ASCSU broke Colorado Sunshine law and the Sixth Amendment in this case.

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