Tim Bessler visits Colorado State University campus

Hannah Ditzenberger

Tim Bessler, House of Representatives Republican candidate for District 53, visited Colorado State on Friday afternoon.

Candidate Tim Bessler stands with 2nd Congressional District candidate George Leing on the CSU Plaza. (Photo Credits: Hannah Ditzenberger)

Bessler, an alumni of CSU who once worked for KCSU as a student, said that visiting the campus was important to him.


“I figured I’d come and hang out with students,” Bessler said. “They’re one of the most important demographics, and it’s really fun to see them all dressed up on a day like today.”

He said he hoped students would interact with him during his visit.

“I’m here to answer questions and to talk to students,” Bessler said. “I know that they’re concerned about a lot of things – about tuition, about the stadium and about a lot of the same things that everyone else is concerned with.”

Bessler will also be on campus Tuesday to answer questions during election day.

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