Daniels Fund opens up scholarship application to all students

Maddie Buxton

Andrea Wrapp (left), junior in nutritional sciences and Shay Schwiesow (right), junior in biomedical sciences, both received the Daniel's fund scholarship. (Photo credit:Dina Alibrahim Fike)
Andrea Wrapp (left), junior in nutritional sciences, and Shay Schwiesow, junior in biomedical sciences, both received the Daniel’s fund scholarship. (Photo credit:Dina Alibrahim Fike)

The legacy of Bill Daniels, a cable television pioneer, has allowed many students to attend Colorado State University.

Currently, there are 110 students at CSU who are receiving support from the Daniels Fund, a program that provides grants and scholarships for students from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming to attend any college nationwide.


“Every one of these students have the gift of Daniels Fund,” said Barbara Musslewhite, the director for Opportunity Scholar Programs at CSU. “They know they have a responsibility.”

She described Daniels Fund Scholars as individuals who demonstrate passion, resilience and a commitment to completing their degrees and making an impact.

Prior to this year, there was a nomination process for Daniels Fund, but Musslewhite explained that they recently “opened up the process so students could apply.”

According to Musslewhite, it is unclear how this change has affected numbers and recipients, but she said they continue to see examples of strong character in Daniels Fund Scholars.

Shay Schwiesow, a junior and biomedical sciences major, was nominated for the Daniels Fund Scholarship by her high school advisor.

“It has been the most amazing thing to happen,” Schwiesow said. “I don’t have to worry about being in debt and dealing with loans.”

Schwiesow said that she agrees with the change in the application process because she thinks everyone should have the opportunity to apply for Daniels Fund as long as they are willing to work hard.

Daniels Fund determines the amount of the scholarship awarded to a student on a case-by-case basis and relies on a number of factors. Students who are supported by Daniels Fund must fulfill a work requirement of 125 hours during their first year and 250 hours in subsequent years.

“Mr. Daniels felt very strongly that students must contribute financially to their education,” Musslewhite said.

Students are also expected to be strong role models and complete Enrichment Modules, which focus on topics that were important to Daniels.


Andrea Rapp, a junior and nutritional sciences major, is also a recipient. She explained that receiving the scholarship has allowed her to get involved and make connections. Rapp also stressed the importance of hard work for Daniels Fund Scholars.

“Everyone is super hardworking and it’s not something you just get,” Rapp said of the recipients. “You have to keep working at it.”

Both Rapp and Schwiesow are grateful for the opportunities the Daniels Fund has provided for them.

“Daniels Fund is one of the most kindhearted organizations because they have impacted so many areas, not just scholarships,” Schwiesow said. “It’s awesome to be a part of something like that.”

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