CSU provides new bike parking on campus

Veronica Baas

Due to the renovation of Eddy Hall, Colorado State University students have been experiencing difficulty finding spots to park their bikes. Parking and Transportation Services has acknowledged this problem and will be placing 800-1000 new bike parking spaces outside the Lory Student Center and the Morgan Library.

Aaron Fodge, Alternative Transportation Manager at CSU, expects to see these racks up within the next month.


“The campus has well over 14,000 bike rack spaces, and it’s going to be closer to 15,000 here really soon,” Fodge said. “The Lory Student Center is now done with construction, and there should be somewhere between 400-500 bike parking spaces that will probably show up there within the next week or two.”

According to Fodge, the Eddy construction is expected to be completed in May, and new bike racks will also be placed there.

“I’ve never come here and there hasn’t been a space for a bike, but I’m pretty clever, and this campus is huge,” said Andrew Bower, a senior studying journalism at CSU. 

The additional 400-500 spaces will replace the T-LEX, a temporary dining hall used while the LSC was under construction.

“That T-LEX building was put up for auction and it was purchased,” Fodge said. “We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that the building is gone here by the end of the month and then we’ll go in there, fix the ground up again and put all the bike racks in.”

Laila Aladwani, a sophomore studying Animal Science at CSU, rides her bike to class because it is her only method of transportation. 

“There are parking spaces everywhere, even if it gets really full I’m always able to find somewhere,” Aladwani said. “There are bike paths everywhere that go directly to the buildings.”

There are thousands of bike spaces on campus that make it easier for bike riders to make it closer to class faster.

“Most of our parking is on the perimeter of campus, if you ride a bike you can get closer to the academic core,” Fodge said. “That’s on purpose; We want to encourage that.”

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