Colorado State student organizations react to the new Lory Student Center

Hannah Ditzenberger

With a box of candy in hand, Martha Alvarez and Whitley Hadley welcomed students to Student Organization Services, celebrating their opening Monday at the Lory Student Center.

Like many other organizations, including Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Media and the Career Center, Student Organization Services recently moved into the LSC basement. This resource, provided by SLiCE, offers student organizations support.


Alvarez, a senior studying business administration, said she felt that their move from the LSC West benefits the student body.

“[Being in the LSC West] had it’s perks,” Alvarez said. “It was cool that everything was so close together, but it was hard for students to come to us. Now, if somebody needs a poster board or something, they’re a lot more likely to come to us. Traffic wise, kids are more likely to be in the LSC already, so they’ll come to us when they need to.”

While he appreciates the LSC is open, second year business management major Trenton Pippon-Mandley said he believes the progress of the LSC needs to be effectively communicated to students.

“Honestly, I don’t think a lot of students know what’s going on,” Pippon-Mandley said. “I feel like they need to advertise what’s happening in the basement with a newsletter or something.”

Graduate student and SLiCE employee Whitley Hadley explained that communication is partly what the student organization services office strives to do.

“Mainly what we’re doing is trying to let student organizations know we’re here,” Hadley said. “We encourage them to get a locker or to come say hello. We just want to let them know what all is available to them.”

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