Cans Around the Oval collects for its 28th year

Cisco Mora

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Colorado State University’s 28th annual Cans Around the Oval event took place Wednesday. In an effort to fight hunger in Larimer County, cans of food have been collected from across the city.


The food drive began on Sept. 11 and concluded on Wednesday when all the donated food was weighed. The goal was to collect more than 60,000 pounds of food and $50,000 of donations.

Claire Andrues, a member of the special events team of SLICE, coordinated the event this year.

“It’s the largest food drive in northern Colorado and it brings together so many different people: students, faculty and community members into one event,” Andrues said.

The food drive garnered support from many, including CSU President Tony Frank, CSU Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes and Colorado Republican Congressman and Senate candidate Cory Gardner.

The event will help the more than 40,000 people that depend on the Larimer Food Bank as a major food source.

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