CSU Board of Governors decides to postpone vote on stadium

Skyler Leonard

The CSU Board of Governors voted to delay their vote on the contentious 0n-campus stadium until their December meeting, allowing CSU President Tony Frank time to recommend the University system’s best option moving forward.

At Thursday’s meeting, Frank officially proposed to the board four possible stadium choices that he announced to campus in an email earlier in September. Along with these proposals, Frank said he would look into establishing a new website to present information on the stadium, two new committees and an information booklet that would be available to the public detailing all four stadium options.


According to Frank, the new committees would be filled with various community members and provide a recommendation to him in November on what they believe the University’s best choice is.

Board of Governor’s Chair Member Dorothy Horrell said that Frank’s agenda for the next two months was, “ambitious.”

“There is a lot that needs to happen,” Horrell said.

Frank, however, expressed confidence in his ability to provide a recommendation to the board in the time frame. According to Frank, the facilities department at CSU is more than capable of assessing the four possible options.

During the Thursday board meeting, members of the public where given time to comment. Of the 24 people who commented, four were current CSU students.

Sophomore history major Sam Ogden commented at the meeting and said the board did not understand the views of students.

“If you want students to like you more, you do what they want,” Ogden said. “The college wouldn’t be here without students.”

Ogden left the podium with applause from the crowd that was mostly comprised of opponents of the on-campus stadium. Of the 24 people who spoke at the meeting, four demonstrated support for an on-campus stadium.

After the public comment section, Associated Students of CSU President Sam Guinn expressed concern over the sparse public comments made addressing student needs. According to Guinn, only six people mentioned the needs of students, four of those being students.

Furthermore, Guinn told members of the board that she thinks the opinions of students have been misrepresented and suggested that ASCSU could conduct a new poll to represent the current student population.


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