ASCSU hosts Wyoming student government

Jonathan Matheny

The Associated Students of Colorado State University hosted members of the University of Wyoming student government Thursday.  This was the second instance this month in which ASCSU has hosted a student government from another university, as they hosted their counterparts from Utah State University Oct. 17 and 18.

The UW student government and ASCSU met Thursday afternoon to discuss issues facing both schools, and some possible responses.


“They went on a tour of the student health center and the health network to try and get an idea of how that runs,” said Mackenzie Whitsell, ASCSU Director of Health.

Other members of the UW student government met with ASCSU Student Body President Samantha Guinn and Vice President Lance LiPuma.

“They are meeting about the way our student government works and some issues on our campus,” Whitsell said.

According to President Guinn, ASCSU has been hosting student governments from other universities in an attempt to increase collaboration and cooperation between schools.

ASCSU attempted to host their guests last week to coincide with the border war football game, but had to reschedule because of Michelle Obama’s appearance last Thursday.

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