Reactions to new food courts in LSC

Emmett McCarthy


In case you (somehow) missed it, the food courts in the Lory Student Center are open, and they’ve undergone some big renovations. The restaurants haven’t changed, but the look is brand new. After a year without them, students aren’t sure how to feel about the significant changes, which were both stunning and lackluster all at once.


LSC gets a makeover


The sleek appearance is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but lots of Rams were expecting more.

“I like the new look but it’s all the same as before,” said Mike Lombardo, a senior finance and real estate major.

And not all students are fond of the new look.

“It feels like I’m in an airport,” said Courtney Meredith, a junior journalism and technical communications major.

Same food? Not a problem


Other students were less critical and didn’t pay as much attention to the makeover. They were too busy lining at the new, old establishments.

“Now I can eat Taco Bell between class and that’s really all that matters,” said DongWook Kim, a senior communications major.

And that’s the most important thing, right?

“As long as all the food is open again, I don’t care what it looks like,” said Errol Jenkins, a graduate business management major.


Think positive!


With the food courts closed for a whole year, some Rams were expecting more drastic improvements, but let’s just be thankful they were open in time for the school year.

“There are two bagel places now, and we can all agree that’s a beautiful thing,” said Lesley Wagner, a junior psychology major.

She couldn’t be more right – it is a beautiful thing. The new food courts mean more bagels in the LSC and no more crowds for Subway in Clark A. Everybody wins!

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