Kappa Alpha Theta returns to Colorado State University

Danielle Jauregui

The new members of Kappa Alpha Theta after receiving their bids.
The new members of Kappa Alpha Theta stand in front of the Administration Building after receiving their bids on Sunday. (Photo Credit: Kappa Alpha Theta)

Over 100 Colorado State students celebrated on the Oval Sunday afternoon as a new era of women joined together to rebuild the newest addition to campus Greek Life.

Kappa Alpha Theta sorority has returned to campus for the 2014-15 academic year, after being gone for eight years, with 111 new members to support their foundation.


“Their tagline is ‘Leading Women,'” said senior Rebecca Burney, a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority and a Kappa Alpha Theta Ambassador. “The women I know that went Theta have already been strong leaders on campus, and I have a good feeling they’re going to excel in this organization.”

Burney said the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority holds true to their mission statement, which promotes social, intellectual and moral growth throughout the college years.

They did not want women simply for their numbers, but rather wanted to ensure they would take in women that wanted to do something with their college experience,” Burney said. 

To recruit a full chapter this fall, Kappa Alpha Theta had volunteer members from other Panhellenic sororities on campus to be ambassadors for their chapter to help spread the word and support their fresh start.

Two alumnae Theta members, Maddie Intfen and Sarah Kindscher, were hired as Educational Leadership Consultants. Their role was to oversee the recruitment process and be a hands-on resource to the new members.

“We’ve been working with different Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council organizations to plan events to get them integrated in the Greek community,” Intfen said.

Kappa Alpha Theta should be in full swing in just a few months, with plans to be active leaders on campus.

“What is different for charter class members is that there is no current leadership in the chapter, so right away they will be put on committees,” Kindscher said. “It is a huge opportunity for leadership, and I think that makes it a little unique.”

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