Apple enters the smartwatch market: Starts at $349, coming early 2015

Shawn Brown

Apple officially unveiled the much anticipated Apple Watch at their fall media event Sept. 9 in Cupertino, California. The smartwatch will be available early 2015 and will compete with companies like Samsung to set a new tech trend in wearables.

Apple’s smartwatch hosts a number of features that hold many changes for Colorado State University students who use Apple products. One of the biggest feature is Apple Pay through near field communications. Students may be able to pay for things with a wave of the wrist.


“I don’t know how much I would trust Apple service right now. I probably wouldn’t use it just because it’s not that convenient,” Jack Hansen, Computer Engineering sophomore said. He added that credit card information over NFC could be stolen easily, but that the technology is cool.

The Apple Watch (not iWatch) also plays music like an iPod, features a fitness tracker with heart-rate measurements and a communications device that sends and receives phone calls, audio recordings and messages. The watch will additionally have number of applications which will interact with the iPhone.

“That’s pretty cool, I never though I’d see this (technology) in a watch. It’s wild, I’d get one if the price was right,” junior business major James Blesse said.

The watch has a variety of designs and customizable watch faces. Most of the design features a rectangular-screen design with curved-edges. The watch will feature several choices of design elements. The watch will have three different construction styles, two different sizes and six different watch bands. With this many choices and combinations Apple aims to give costumers the freedom to create an individual style for each watch.

The Apple watch will be available early 2015 and will start at $349.

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