Lory Student Center food court to open Monday

Despite construction delays with the Lory Student Center, students will able to enjoy the food court on the first day of classes, Monday, Aug. 25.

According to Marketing Director Doni Luckutt, the food court is set to open after two more inspections take place. At this time, no list of food court restaurants is guaranteed.


Luckutt said the food trucks along Pitkin will still be on campus for at least the first week, but could not confirm whether they would be available longer than that.

Brandon Mau, who worked at a food truck last year on campus called B’s Breakfast Cart, will not be returning to CSU for the first week. Though he is disappointed about having to leave, he is not upset with LSC officials.

“I loved working at CSU,” Mau said. “But we all knew going into this that this would be a temporary thing. All good things come to an end.”

Mau was unsure how many food trucks would be returning to CSU for the first week of school.

Luckutt said students should be excited about improvements to the building, but hopes they understand the ongoing process of the renovation.

“My job is to know what to expect, and the biggest concern is that things haven’t been tested,” Luckutt said. “Yes, it’s fabulous, but be patient. Even the workers will be new.”

Chad Pasma, a senior studying Civil Engineering, feels the LSC food court will help off-campus students lead more convenient lives. He hopes to find the same restaurants that were present in the previous building, like Taco Bell and Panda Express, but also feels that the LSC needs to include variety in their choices.

“If they’re going through the inconvenience of building a new LSC, then the food court should be bigger and have more options,” Pasma said.

In Luckutt’s mind, the biggest priority is to insure student satisfaction by maintaining simplicity.

Though the LSC has faced challenges, Luckutt wants to keep students informed about upcoming changes.


“We’re being proactive, but we still need to give each other leeway,” Luckutt said.

Collegian Staff Reporter Hannah Ditzenberger can be reached at news@collegian.com.