Student Sustainable Farm selling veggies through October

The sustainable farm, gardens, and greenhouses on the North West side of campus, greatly enjoyed by CSU students, may soon disappear with the construction of the new stadium.
The sustainable farm, gardens and greenhouses on the northwest side of campus.

There’s going to the grocery store, then there’s going to a farmer’s stand, only a few steps away from where the produce grew.

The Student Sustainable Farm market stand, located on the south side of campus at 630 W. Lake St., sells student-grown vegetables.


The CSU Student Sustainable Farm is a 1/3 acre farm full of organic vegetables, entirely grown and maintained by students. The stand is open Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. through October.

The vegetables for sale depend on what is ready for harvest during the week, but during the summer, the Student Sustainable Farm anticipates having kale, tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant, carrots, squash and green beans available.

Weather and other unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary to cancel a Thursday organic veggie sale. 

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