Obama visits Denver, Udall absent for fundraiser

Obama came to Denver in support of Sen. Mark Udall (D) and his re-election campaign Tuesday, holding a fundraiser Wednesday despite Udall’s decision to stay in Washington during the event.

According to Udall’s campaign, the senator remained in Washington to vote on a new director to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This has sparked speculation that Udall, and other Colorado democrats, are distancing themselves from Obama, whose approval rating has declined in the past several months to 41 percent.


Obama talked to the Colorado crowd in Denver’s Cheesman Park, covering the economy, minimum wage, equal pay in the workplace for women and college affordability.

Udall’s absence from his own fundraiser has called into question the future of the Senate. If democrats lose their seat in the Colorado Senate, it could become more difficult for Obama to maintain a democratic majority in the Senate.

Tuesday, the President was also offered marijuana by a man in passing in a Denver bar.

Obama didn’t indulge after the man asked, “Do you want to hit this?” However, he did share a beer and a game of pool with Gov. Hickenlooper at the Wynkoop Brewing Company Bar.

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