Community conversation with State Representative Joann Ginal June 28th

The Colorado Democratic Party state representative for District 52, Joann Ginal, is overjoyed with the democratic wins the current local elections experienced. Ginal is a strong believer in the widespread access to quality, affordable health care and supports improving public education systems.

State House of Rep. Joann Ginal of District 52 will be hosting a community conversation along with the owner of retail marijuana shop, Erica Freeman of Choice Organics.


The discussion will take place at Mugs from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, June 28, located on the corner of College avenue and Olive street. The discussion will be open to anyone who wants to participate, ask questions and learn about one of our state representatives elected in 2012.

The congresswoman has been part of creating civil unions for the LGBT community, invested over $150 million into K-12 classrooms and more than $35 million into Colorado colleges and universities, helped make college an affordable reality for immigrants and put efforts forth to keep guns out of hands unless they undergo intensive background checks.

As a long time Fort Collins resident, Ginal cares deeply about the environment, improving healthcare, creating jobs that will bring people to Colorado and investing in education to create better lives for Colorado residents for years to come.

For more information you can contact Represenative Ginal at 303-866-4569  or on her website