Retail Pot shop near Fort Collins closed on 4/20

A line of at least 60 people wait outside the closed retail cannabis shop choice organics.
A line of at least 60 people wait outside the closed retail cannabis shop Choice Organics.

A line wrapped around Choice Organics 30 minutes before it would open. Excited college students and older generations alike played hacky sack under the Colorado sun, conversed with fellow friends and awaited their Mary Jane.

Twenty minutes after expected opening time customers realized Choice Organics was closed.


“I am just looking forward to enjoying this beautiful weather today,” Jesse Ellgren, senior wildlife biology major said as he waited in line for his first Choice Organics purchase.

Ellgren was accompanied by several friends who came to Colorado for the 4/20 festivities. They planned to support the local marijuana store, Choice Organics, and then heading to Denver for the full 4/20 experience.

“I flew out here from Minnesota for this holiday,” said Bahnan Abdi, a student from Minnesota State University.

Thirty minutes after the proposed time to open, the once patient customers called the Choice Organics landline, knocked at the door and ultimately left soon after.

According to Ellgren, although this didn’t work out, they were headed to Denver for the 4/20 rally to enjoy the sun, music and marijuana.

While Choice Organics, was closed, other business such as One Love smoke shop and Cheba Hut made huge profits and brought in the 4/20 niche.

“It’s only noon and we have sold as many pieces and made enough as we usually make in a week,” One Love employee Chris Lohan said.

One Love had a special offer to buy one glass piece and receive the next piece for $4.20.

In previous years Cheba Hut has hosted a block party, however this year they made a special deal for lunch and still expect a great turnout according to Chelsea Harlen, Cheba Hut employee.

“People can get one of our subs, chips, a drink and a frisbee for $4.20,” Harlen said. “The best part is there’s no tax, the total amount is actually $4.20.”


According to Harlen, Cheba Hut employees are celebrating by creating a fun atmosphere for their customers, and then they plan to go out to party themselves later.

On top of their lunch deal, Cheba Hut hosted a happy hour that began at 4:20 and offered drink specials until 6:20, according to employee Sally Timmons.

Many students are traveling to Denver for the 4/20 Rally where booths provided information about new products, food and music according to Ryan Ciesla, sophomore math major.

“It was pretty interesting … lots of people.” Ciesla said.

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