How to vote in ASCSU elections

Students can fill out ballots online on Ramweb, by clicking on a pop-up or in person at the Morgan Library from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday.

According to Lexi Evans, ASCSU elections manager, there have been real efforts made to have voting accessible and easy, with rewards for students when they do vote.


“Outside of Morgan’s Grind Monday through Wednesday we will be offering ‘buy one get one free’ gift cards to Chipotle, Forever Green t-shirts and more. Students can also simply vote online,” Evans said.

“The offerings will get people to vote,” said Ellyse Varone, a senior natural resource management major.

This year the four campaigns offer diverse options for ASCSU president and vice president. Those roles within ASCSU are in charge of a number of different areas that affect students, including fees, managing new transportation and working with University administration on a number of initiatives.

“Freshmen are going to be with the elected candidate the longest so we are really trying to push to get the message out there so everyone is engaged and votes. We have great candidates for students to choose from and all it takes is voting online or taking a couple of minutes at the library this week,” Evans said.

Getting the word out is very important and Evans said she expects a greater turnout than previous years because there are more options.

However, students are often unaware of the process they must take.

“I have no idea what to do — I will vote now that I know how to do it,” said Ian McDonald, a senior range land resource major.

According to McDonald, students need to understand more about the power the elected officials have to change campus.

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