Small explosion in CSU Chemistry Building leaves two students injured (VIDEO)

At 3:30 today a student was washing out a glass container in the CSU Chemistry Building when a chemical on the container reacted to the water and caused a small explosion, a CSU public information officer Dell Rae Moellenberg said.


“The University is looking into the incident and its cause, but preliminary indications are this was an accident,” she wrote in an email to the Collegian. “The University is notifying parents of the incident and that the student has been taken to the hospital.  The University is not releasing any information about the students at this time.

The explosion took place on the third floor in the chemistry wing, apparently in a research lab.

After emergency vehicles departed, roughly ten officials remained on the scene, some seen in hazmat suits cleaning the area. A few graduate students did not appear to have permission to leave their nearby office while the crew was working.

The student has been transported to Poudre Valley Hospital for cuts on his face. Another student who was nearby had a minor cut on his hand.

The building was not evacuated and did not sustain damages, according to the spokesperson.

No further information was immediately available.