Microwaves create macro problem for students

(Photo credit: Kmeron)

The topic of microwaves is heating up around campus.

With Lory Student Center under construction, microwaves were displaced from their former location, and there still isn’t a tangible solution.


According to Vice President of Morgan Library Pat Burns, ASCSU President Nigel Daniels and Vice President Andrew Olsen came to him to discuss adding microwaves and vending options to the library as part of their campaign promises.

The only locations on campus of public microwaves are the LSC basement and Morgan’s Grind, located in the library.

“Other parts of campus I would be more than willing to explore,” Olson said.

Even with the addition of two in Morgan’s Grind, there is a line every day during lunch hours.

“There’s so many students during lunch time. There’s a huge line,” said health and exercise sophomore Carolina Cellario. “It would be nice if there was one at Clark or Moby.”

According to Olson, maintenance is the biggest issue with microwaves. Issues regarding cleanliness and proper use are a common debate.

“The biggest part that we keep running into is upkeep,” Olson said. “We don’t want to just buy these microwaves and then three days later — ‘oh shoot. It looks like a battlefield in here.’”

According to Burns, Housing and Dining Services put an additional microwave in Morgan’s Grind. They also agreed to stay open for longer hours in response to the request.

“The two microwaves in Morgan’s Grind are available for use even when Morgan’s Grind is closed,” ASCSU Deputy Chief of Staff Sam Guinn said.

A discussion took place over placing new vending options in the cube so that there could be food options available at all times.


“We are actually still working on a vending machine that would have more substance-type food,” Burns said.

According to Burns, CSU’s vendor only provides snack foods. He wants to provide foods such as sandwiches and burritos.

Funding for additional microwaves could come from a multitude of places including facilities, ASCSU, or the buildings themselves.

“I don’t think it is any lesser of a goal,” Olsen said. “We are going to do what we can.”

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