How significant is student presence in the LSC Revitalization?

Students play a vital role in the Lory RE•vitalization from beginning to end. As a student body, we made the choice of going through with the renovation. Our support and positivity will follow the project until the end. I haven’t had the experience of seeing many significant projects happen in an area that an abundance of people still use daily. I’m sure it can become a bit of a challenge, especially on a college campus. At times, we as college students seem to want a lot of instant gratification. A complete revitalization of our student center is something that we should patiently see through.Revitalization Backstage pass How often do you visit the Lory Student Center? In spite of the construction, a handful of our favorite venues are still up and thriving. Take some time throughout your busy week to stop at Sweet Sinsations Coffee Cart, or grab a bite to eat at Aspen Grille. It is important that we give our support to not only these businesses but the other businesses in the LSC to keep them running. To learn more about your presence on the LSC RE•vitalization click here.