CSU Student Union holds first meeting

The first inaugural meeting of a student organization called the Student Union was held last night. Issues regarding educational structure, housing and dining services, and the disciplinary system were some of the first items discussed.

The union is set up to be an open environment to support and foster student concerns and ideas. Founder William Clem came into his freshman year at CSU and saw room for improvement.


“It’s essentially a grouping of students to empower one another,” Clem said. “I can’t sit there and listen to people complain and not give them a solution.”

According to Clem, the Student Union offers a new way for a student voice to be heard.

“One of the first things I tried to do was go through ASCSU. ASCSU has yet to do anything about it,” Clem said. “Honestly you can’t have too many student organizations helping students. Just because they are doing good things doesn’t mean we aren’t doing good things too that are different.”

One of the union’s areas of focus is on the PACe math system. Clem wants to change the system from being solely online.

“My biggest frustration is the structure of the classes,” Clem said. “You have to have that teacher aspect but at the same time you need that flexibility.”

The disciplinary system at the university was another aspect that was discussed. Clem had his own situation involving the system and saw areas where it could change to become more fair to the student.

“When I was going through my disciplinary issue I felt like I was the only one,” Clem said.

Clem finds it important that students come together to focus and improve on areas of university unrest.

The meeting had an initial attendance of four people. The group actively agreed to encourage friends to come to the next meeting.

“I think that this is a place that strengthens people through unity for situations they would otherwise be by themselves on,” Clem said.


The next meeting will be next Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Durrell Center.

Collegian Reporter Stephanie Mason can be reached at news@collegian.com.