ASCSU visits Washington DC

Deutsch: Washington, D.C
Washington, D.C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, select members from the Associated Students of CSU traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with state and national leaders.

Colorado senator Michael Bennet’s liasons and lobbyists met with the ASCSU President Nigel Daniels and Government Affairs to discuss a wide variety of statewide issues, including higher education.


“They understood the student effort and impact,” Daniels said.

A liaison of Jared Polis talked on behalf of extending the higher education act. According to ASCSU Chief of Staff John Stockley, a student in debt takes away from the overall economy. Graduates in debt not having money to participate in purchases such as homes and vehicles is leaving an impact.

“We tried to talk about the specifics of student debt,” Stockley said. “They know that we are here and that we want it to advance to be a part in national dialogue.”

According to Stockley, campus safety issues were an important discussion point due to the increase in sexual assaults and on-campus suicides.

“We wanted to make aware that there is an issue of mental health and safety on campus,” Stockley said.

D.C. and Colorado Lobbyists also talked about issues regarding the nation. The state of Colorado’s rates on public safety, public education and violence were compared to the rest of the nation.

“We need future years and everyone in their generations to be engaged,” Daniels said.

ASCSU left a Forever Green T-shirt along with other CSU gear with the offices they spoke with.

“It’s about having a presence,” Stockley said. “CSU in general has more of a presence than ever.”

According to Stockley, ASCSU is taking what they learned on the trip and applying it to improve CSU.


“The success of what we did this week is contingent of how we bring it back to campus,” Stockley said.

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