Larimer County offers free energy assessment

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Despite recent warm weather, winter is around the corner for Fort Collins again. The National Weather Service reports snow for the weekends forecast, which means heating bills will remain high for the next couple months.

So far this winter, students have reported spending between $5 to $30 more on heating their homes.


According to Straun Conway, junior history major, he pays around  $15 to $25 more in the winter months.

There are options available to students to lower the cost of heating and electricity.

The Larimer County Workforce Center is currently accepting a Free Home Efficiency Assessment request for spring 2014. If your house is deemed eligible for this service, a crew of energy efficiency experts will schedule an appointment to come visit your home.

According to the Larimer County website, this is a free service provided by the Larimer County Conservation Corps.

“The service is geared towards lower income retired residents of Fort Collins and Loveland area,” said Megan Butler, Water and Energy Program coordinator from Larimer County Conservation Corps.

On appointment, experts will visit your home to install products like compact fluorescent bulbs, low flow shower heads, faucet aerators and programmable thermostat. They will also inspect your home insulation, heaters and refrigerators for maximum efficiency.

According to Butler, students who live in apartments can also be eligible for this service because it is determined by which companies provide your utilities.

“We just ask that renters let their landlords know that they are having their apartment inspected,” Butler said. “Since most items can we change will be within the apartment, like installing new bulbs and shower heads , we won’t even have to worry about changing anything in the building as a whole.”

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