An ode to Facebook

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Facebook logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, you, Facebook, celebrated your 10th birthday, marking ten glorious years of wasted time. You were conceived in the dorms of Harvard and now you’re visible on every college campus. It’s impossible for us to imagine life without you.

You helped us muster the strength to survive freshman year. You made us laugh day in and out — from classic memes to relentless trolls. You educated us about the world through your Pinterest links and sensationalized faked deaths. You held our countless pictures, pristinely preserving our dearest memories. You boasted our confidence with the trivial likes and comments we so eagerly await. You stole our attention for hours, we didn’t even blink. You decided when things were official, whether it’s our new job or relationship. You define our generation since we still update you daily.


We’re unappreciative, abusive and bi-polar. We take you for granted as the go-to place to entertain our bored minds. We abuse you, berating you with uninteresting statuses that we know you don’t care about. Some days, we’ll spend hours with you enjoying your company. Other days, we open a new tab only to forget you exist.

Regardless, you’ve done more for us in ten years then most of our friends. Truly, we hate that we love you. But, we do.