No alcohol will be sold at Fuzzy’s this week

To pass the time before a ski movie premier, CSU Senior Spencer Kaye and Sophomore Ben Wolf play pong at Fuzzy's Taco Shop Saturday evening. Spencer Kaye is the current president of Snow Riders (CSU Ski/Snowboard club) and helped organize the movie premier as well as a benefit raffle for foster children wishing to spend a day on Colorado's snowy slopes.
There will no longer be beer pong nor any other alcoholic games at Fuzzy’s this week, due to a  suspension after allowing alcohol on their porch.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will not be home to Fiesta Friday this Friday.

Starting Monday Jan. 20, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, located on West Elizabeth a block from campus, lost their liquor license until Friday Jan. 24.


The shop was shut down because it allowed alcohol to be on their porch while their liquor license doesn’t.

“It is an unfortunate suspension… we did not have specific permission from the city,” Josh Bollinger, Fuzzy’s manager said.

The restaurant is popular among students and Fort Collins residents, partially due to their drink deals.

“This is seriously f***** up,” Trevor Pier, a senior mechanical engineer major said.

Alcoholic beverages make up a portion of Fuzzy’s profit and drives much of their clientele.

“They had the best margaritas in town with slightly above-average food. Take away the margaritas and you have food that can’t really compete with all the better and cheaper options nearby,” Alex Balsiger, senior engineer major.

During this week Fuzzy’s has been selling tacos for $1. They are trying to make customers happy by selling cheap tacos and, according to Bollinger, the whole menu is still available this week except their alcoholic beverages.

“Some people come in and are mad that there is no alcohol and leave,” Carly Younkerman, employee and senior health and exercise science major said.

On Saturday, Fuzzy’s will be back to normal and selling alcoholic beverages. Bollinger said he is very happy for that day to come because there is a game and Fuzzy’s will be giving out free t-shirts.

“Saturday couldn’t come faster,” Bollinger said.


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