First official ASCSU senate meeting of 2014


There was no new business at the first official Senate meeting of the semester but there was a guest speaker from RamRide, senate positions filled and old business from last semester was addressed.


RamRide Director, Chelsey Green, spoke about the new smartphone app that will serve as a way to request a ride. According to Green, there is no indication of when the app will be finished because there are still bugs that need to be fixed. Once they are solved it will be complete.

After Green spoke, new committee positions were filled. Brandon Earle, an electrical engineering senior, will serve as the External Committee Chair. Scott Ricketts, a junior Business Administration major, was voted to be the new Internal Committee Chair.

“I will really keep it very organized and very ordered. I think that will allow me to run this committee very smoothly,” Ricketts said.

Senate finished a previous bill dealing with campaigning restrictions, which was reworded to state the ASCSU proper and lounge, the Trivial Pursuit meeting room and non-election ASCSU sponsored events are off limits for campaigning and campaign planning.

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