Keeping the LSC warm and dry this season

Despite the winter weather, there is no wind whistling through the temporary walls of the LSC. The half-skeletal building is ready for the cold and the snow.

Construction work will continue through winter break, with significant progress by the time students return, according to Mike Rush, university architect and chief building official of CSU.


“You’ll see a fair amount of work over Christmas break,” Rush said. “(Construction workers) work straight through break, they just keep working.”

If the weather cooperates, there should be walls up by March, closing off the new construction.

The weather has posed small issues but has not seriously affected the building thus far. Snow is removed early in the mornings and does not pose a problem unless it is more than a foot deep, Rush said.

“It took a lot of planning but we kept everything from freezing. It all should be fine,” Rush said.

The flooding put the project slightly behind schedule, according to Doni Luckutt, the director of marketing for the LSC, but crews have been regaining time whenever possible.

“So far, it’s been fine. We haven’t had any major delays,” Luckutt said.

The new LSC is anticipated for fall 2014, but crews will have a better idea of the progress by spring, according to Luckutt.

It seems the occupied part of the LSC is sealed off to the impeding cold. Thus far, the exposed building and foundations are holding up well to the changing weather, according to Rush.

As he sat near the temporary walls that separate the functional side from the construction, sophomore Ben Mastro said that he felt no temperature difference.

“They spent so much money. The walls are temporary, but they’re temporary for a year,” Mastro said. “It’s not just plywood.”


Construction crews usually clear snow at 6 a.m., when their day begins, according Rush.

“You have to get up really early in the morning to see that,” Rush said.

In addition to the LSC walls, the Behavioral Sciences Building construction will be completed by the spring semester, according to Rush.

The addition includes a new auditorium, staff and T.A. offices. The auditorium will host classes beginning in January.

“Over spring, you’ll see lots of drastic changes,” Rush said.

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